Swapping between Pogoplug Original and Custom Firmware

I’ve successfully booted Arch Linux Arm (ALARM) on my Pogoplug V2, after following the installation instructions. I’ve used an old 1 GB USB Memory Stick for the installation.

If the Pogoplug is booted while the USB stick is attached, it boots the Arch Linux. But if it’s booted while the USB is detached, it simply boots the original firmware, and I can see my Pogoplug on my.pogoplug.com as normal.

I was wondering if I can swap between the original firmware and ALARM without having to detach/attach the ALARM USB stick. Continue reading

Updating uBoot for Pogoplug V2

I’ve decided the unlock the capabilities of my pogoplug, and explore other firmware options like Arch Linux ARM. So I had to update the version of uBoot (universal boot loader) installed on pogoplug to be able to boot from external USB drive. My pogoplug is v2, based on Marvel Krikwood SoC, which is the same architecutre used in Seagate GoFlex Net/Home, and Seagate Dockstar. Continue reading